Expand Your Benefits Offerings with Creative and Ground-breaking non-insurance Benefit Solutions.

  • Colleges and Universities have their own unique ecosystem.
  • Municipalities have unique challenges as well.
  • HealthPERX offers programs that cater to the distinctive needs of each.

Employer Paid Benefits

Consider an enhanced benefit program that addresses even more healthcare savings for your institution and employees, as well as important safety, security, lifestyle, and other life-changing benefits.

These enhanced benefits help you attract and retain top talent.

Health Savings benefits pay for themselves many times over. Imagine a benefit package that could save your institution hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in healthcare costs.

We’re not exaggerating. Ask us to show you how!

Voluntary Benefits.

Our non-health, voluntary benefits, provide the highest quality products and services at a fraction of retail pricing and show your employees how much you care.

Essentially, we provide…

Essentially, we provide you with high-value benefit packages from over 30 of the top provider networks in their respective industries.  They have been shopped and thoroughly vetted saving you valuable time and effort.  Because of our buying power, we can do so at prices you couldn’t come close to getting on your own…and everything you need is in one place.

As your partner, we make it easy to get started, these benefits are easy to access, understand and afford and we handle all the heavy lifting.

NOTE:  If you want us to speak with your Broker or Advisor, please make an introduction.


Students are facing significant challenges like never before.  Our world keeps changing and we are seeing more physical and mental health issues that need immediate attention.

Our telemedicine benefit will save them time and money and keep them in class.

Our Telephonic Counseling services or full blown Virtual Mental Health benefits have become critically important today to students suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or abuse.

HealthPERX – Your Trusted Partner

It’s the right thing to do!