Your association has a mission. So does HealthPERX. Our mission is to enhance the value you bring to your membership by offering them high-value, easy to understand, affordable benefits.

By partnering with HealthPERX, you can offer innovative high-value benefits to your membership or use them to generate additional revenue that can be used to further your association’s mission.

Single Source for Benefits

HealthPERX is your single source for over 70 high-value, non-insurance benefits with unequaled discount pricing in five categories.   They have been shopped and thoroughly vetted saving you valuable time and effort.  Because of our buying power, we can do so at prices you couldn’t come close to getting on your own…and everything you need is in one place.

  • Healthcare Access & Savings
  • Personal Security & Personal Safety
  • Caregiver Services benefits
  • Financial Wellness
  • Lifestyle Needs, Travel Assistance, Pet Care, Childcare

A healthPERX benefit consultant can develop a customized bundle of high-value benefits that fit best with your association.

Because Time IS Money

  • Your Enhanced Benefit Specialist for all non-insurance needs
  • The top provider networks in their respective industries
  • High-value bundled solutions at 50-70% discounts to individually purchased benefits

HealthPERX is your single source for over 70 high-value, non-insurance benefits with unequaled discount pricing in five categories:

Launch and Raising Member Awareness

As your partner, we handle all aspects of rolling-out your benefits package.

  • Customized promotional material for email and regular mail
  • Informational material on each benefit

Example Packages for Association & Affinity Groups

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Healthcare Savings

  • Attract and retain quality employees
  • Reduce overall healthcare costs by over 10-15% or more
  • Improve productivity, decrease absenteeism, boost morale
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Safety, Security & Lifestyle

  • Identity Theft Protection & Restoration
  • Legal Access
  • Global Travel Assistance