HealthPERX Testimonials

What People Say

We appreciate all your help, and healthPERX’s unique perspective when it comes to Telemedicine and Lifestyle Benefits. HealthPERX has helped us create a comprehensive solution to fulfill our Client’s benefit package.

Your service brings a simple, painless, implementation process (easy onboarding), that includes administration services, and an engagement service that helps drive utilization. Together with healthPERX knowledge and direction, we have been able to streamline the enrollment, and increase utilization (3 to 5 times the national average), helping cement our relationship with our clients.

Thank you,

HealthPERx and Jeff Marks help bring “understanding and solutions” to the confusing market of health and lifestyle benefits. Working with healthPERX has helped us understand the challenges a business encounters when creating a valued benefits package for their employees. By utilizing their solutions, we have provided guaranteed savings for our employees and our clients.

The non-insurance benefits market can be complex and confusing. HealthPERXs delivers a solid, comprehensive platform with industry leading providers.  The healthPERX program is professionally done, easy to navigation, and ,most importantly, user engagement is a primary focus.  HealthPERX knows how to deliver in the crowded benefits marketplace

I chose healthPERX for an incredibly important client of mine because they are first-class in every way. The client especially loved their personal touch. When it comes to service, implementation, and utilization healthPERX is second to none! Customer service is a fundamental necessity in order to establish and keep relationships.  Highly recommended...

I have worked with HealthPerx in the past and my Health & Benefits clients truly appreciated their professionalism.  I found the team to be very thorough, timely with responses and quite flexible.  There were no hassles, which is greatly appreciated in this business!  They are at the top of my list whenever the need arises.

We have had business with healthPERX and worked together for over 5 years. The utilization rates are higher through their platform than the national average with other companies because they send out helpful information regularly to the employees so that the service is constantly in front of them. It doesn't benefit a business to offer a service to their employees if it is not being utilized.  At the end of the day you can't merely look at the COST YOU ARE PAYING, but more importantly the VALUE THAT YOU GET!

I would strongly recommend healthPERX as a valued partner to your core benefits.


 I have known Jeff Marks for almost 7 years and am writing this letter as an endorsement for Jeff and healthPERX. Jeff is very conscientious and pays attention to details. These are extremely important attributes when coordinating benefits with multiple clients. He also makes an effort to understand the intricacies of our business. It gives me confidence to know that he doesn’t allow important elements of a program to be neglected or mismanaged.

HealthPERX cares about its customers and has the proper infrastructure to ensure successful relationships – clients, suppliers and customers. HealthPERX operations, account management, customer service and fulfillment are well designed and integrated. This makes their platform very consistent which translates into stronger utilization of benefits. Jeff and his team provide valuable products and services that people use every day. They are a pleasure to work with and represent excellent value.