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The leading provider of health, safety, security, financial wellness, lifestyle and leisure benefit solutions and services.

Small, Mid & Large Employers

Gain and retain valuable employees by offering less costly, convenient ways to access healthcare and receive lifestyle benefits. Offer employees today’s best savings and discounts, world-wide travel assistance, safety and security and lifestyle benefits.

As your partner, we make it easy to get started. We handle contracting, compliance, group implementation, billing, commissions, printing, and marketing support.

Benefit & Investment Advisors

You are trusted advisors to your clients. The benefit marketplace is constantly changing.

It’s up to you to find them the benefits that will give them the best return on investment—benefits that will help them attract, retain and develop top talent. We can help you with:

  • Benefits that save the company money
  • Benefits that save their employees time and money
  • Benefits that show they care for their employees
  • Benefits that attract the best employees and improve retention
  • Benefits that are easy to manage

You want to find them benefits that differentiate YOU in the marketplace. We provide you with high-value benefit packages from over 25 of the top provider networks in their respective industries and we do so at prices you couldn’t come close to getting on your own.

Affinity Groups & Associations

Associations and Affinity Groups exist to help their members--businesses and industry--meet a variety of challenges, whether they involve labor, political, economic or competitive issues.

Traditionally, associations have generated their operating revenues through membership dues. More recently, many have added affiliate programs that offer specific services to their members and generate additional revenue for the association.

HealthPERX provides an opportunity for Associations and Affinity Groups to offer innovative high-value benefits that can generate new revenue streams for these organizations. We can help you put together a customized offering for your members and work with you through the whole process.

Individuals and Family Benefits

We are here to change your life. Literally. Benefits are confusing. Costs are high.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a company that offered new and reimagined benefit solutions that will save you time, money and stress so you can find greater peace of mind?

You bet!

Take a few minutes to learn about our benefit solutions that start at only $18.95 a month (for your immediate family):

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Personal Health Advisor
  • Medical Bill Saver™
  • Global Travel Assistance
  • Identity Theft protection
  • Legal Care
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Pet Care
  • And More

You can get started right now and save your family thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs year after year.…and this comes with a 30-day “no-risk” money back guarantee.