Teladoc Expert Medical Services

Teladoc Expert Medical Services (EMS) helps ensure you have an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan, with average results including 45% improved diagnosis and 79% improved treatment. Drawing on over 50,000 of the world’s top physicians, Teladoc EMS selects the best expert to conduct an in-depth review of your medical case and provide personalized recommendations. Teladoc EMS helps you determine the best care options, find answers to medical questions, and even find an appropriate local physician or specialist if necessary. Services include:
  • Expert second opinion to ensure diagnoses and treatment recommendations are accurate
  • Answers to questions about medical conditions, treatment options, or symptoms
  • Coordination with local treating teams to ensure best care in serious medical events, like an emergency or extended hospital stay
  • One-on-one coaching and online educational modules about specific conditions
  • Help finding a local physician or specialist from a database of top physicians
  • Organized summary of your medical records



Teladoc Expert Medical Services (EMS) FAQ

Q: How does Teladoc EMS work?
A: When you contact Teladoc EMS, a clinician will conduct an in-depth discussion with you about your case. With your permission, Teladoc EMS collects your relevant medical records and creates your clinical summary. An expert physician who specializes in your condition is selected to review your case and send you an expert report with their answers and medical recommendations.

Q: What if I need a second opinion in an emergency situation?
A: If you are admitted to the hospital for an acute medical event, you or a family member can call Teladoc EMS and we’ll get to work immediately. Teladoc EMS will select a critical care/trauma expert for your care, who will provide both immediate and long-term recommendations, and will collaborate with your treating physician and team.

Q: Do Teladoc EMS’ services cost me anything?
A: No. Once you have access to Teladoc EMS’ services, you will not face any charges for the services you use.

Q: How does Teladoc EMS work with my doctor?
A: We only share our findings with you. If you would like us to share our expert report with your treating physician, we are happy to do so with your permission.

Q: Do I have to follow your expert’s recommendations?
A: No. The information you receive from Teladoc EMS is intended to help you make informed decisions regarding your diagnosis or treatment plan. You and your treating physician remain in full control of your next step(s).

Q: What types of medical conditions qualify?
A: Teladoc EMS provides services for a wide range of medical conditions, from back pain and sports injuries to chronic diseases and life-threatening illnesses. Teladoc EMS does not provide services for mental health disorders, as in-person evaluations are more appropriate.

Q: Who collects my medical records if they are needed?
A: Teladoc EMS can collect all of your relevant medical records, including test results, imaging studies (X-rays, MRIs, etc.) and any other necessary information.

Q: What about my privacy?
A: Teladoc EMS complies with all relevant state, national and international laws and regulations, including the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

Q: Who are the doctors Teladoc EMS uses?
A: The Teladoc EMS list includes the world’s top medical specialists. They are selected by other doctors through a comprehensive, independently certified review process— they are the doctors other doctors trust most.

Q: Do I need to travel to see the Teladoc EMS expert?
A: Teladoc EMS is done over the phone or online. There is no need for additional travel or doctor’s appointments unless the expert’s recommendation is to undergo an additional test.


Mental Health visits are not available 24/7/365.
Mental Health visits will be scheduled. Mental Health visits are not available to minors. All Mental Health specialists may not be available in all states.