This section of our website is meant to offer both informational materials on our own company as well as important information in our own industry about trends and changes in the benefit marketplace.

We continue to see new concepts and new ways to deliver benefits that impact the lives of those we are all trying to help, be it their physical, mental or spiritual life, in order to give them greater peace of mind and help them be more productive. Feel free to read or download any of the materials herein.

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We’ve aggregated 30+ of the top benefits on the market, empowering you to pick and choose the ideal solutions for your clients without juggling separate contracts with multiple vendors.
In addition to helping clients save BIG on healthcare expenses through telehealth, many other value added benefits are provided by healthPERX including $0 virtual Behavioral Health, EAP, Prescription Discounts, and more.
Watch the Smart Choice Savings Map to learn how to Gain control over Outpatient Spend Plan and Member-level Services. Tap Download to watch on YouTube!