My Instant Pay

You’ve earned it; now you can access your earned wages on-demand with My Instant Pay. Powered by Rain, My Instant Pay allows you to withdraw a portion of your earned income before payday for just a small transaction fee, reducing your need for payday loans and eliminating overdraft fees. Through the app, you can:
  • See what you’ve earned at work in real-time
  • Make withdrawals as needed for a small fee, similar to an ATM fee 
  • Transfer funds directly to your checking account for instant access


My Instant Pay FAQ

Q: Why should I use My Instant Pay?
A: My Instant Pay is a great service if you need access to your wages before payday. Whether you need to pay a bill, cover an unexpected expense, or you’re worried about overdrafting your bank account, you can withdraw a portion of the wages you’d expect to see on your next paycheck when you need it.

Q: How does My Instant Pay work?
A: My Instant Pay is integrated with your employer’s payroll system, so it has real-time access to the wages you’ve earned. The app displays your available earnings for withdrawal, allowing you to access the amount you need (but have already earned) before payday.

Q: How many withdrawals can I make?
A: There is no limit to the number of withdrawals you can make, but we recommend only making withdrawals as needed.

Q: How much can I withdraw from my account in a single transaction?
A: You can withdraw up to a percentage of your paycheck set by your employer.