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Our Benefits Create Real Savings

Partnering to Improve Participation, Engagement and Utilization

The Name of the Game is Results

The success of any new benefit program hinges on employee activation and engagement. Our success is based on Plan Design and Engagement Strategy.

HealthPERX differentiates itself from competitors with a unique approach to pricing and an innovative member engagement strategy to positively drive adoption, utilization and results.


Issue #1: Plan Design

Whether your plan contains Telemedicine, a Price Transparency and Cost Savings Platform, Incentive Programs, Pharmacy Solutions, Concierge Services or other benefit solutions, the effectiveness and ultimate awareness and engagement and utilization will depend strongly on the plan design.

For example, telemedicine with a medical consult fee will show far less utilization than with no consult fee. An outpatient procedure that costs $1000 less at a surgical clinic rather than a hospital, with the same physician, will not materialize unless the plan is designed with the right incentive to make it happen.

Results do not occur just because a benefit is offered. There are factors that must be considered that generate behavioral change which must be built into the plan design.

Issue #2: Engagement Strategy

Many benefits have been sold as “commodities” for years. Many companies continue to fight for market share at “any expense” and, as a result, get caught up in “price wars.” While they focus on growing, they fail to focus on retention. Unfortunately, within 30-60 days, most employees have forgotten what benefits they have.

These benefits, no matter how good they sound on paper, require changing behaviors and creating actions.

You need to find a company that understands the science of behavior change and focuses on building awareness and engagement, which results in greater utilization. After all, the primary reason companies consider adding the kind of benefits healthPERX brings to the table is to reduce claims and increase ROI. Of course they want to attract better quality employees and increase productivity but they want their benefits to pay for themselves.

Companies that see only 15%-20% utilization are typically losing money. Unfortunately, many companies are only experiencing about 5% utilization.

The name of the game is results.

The company you select must have a multi-faceted proven engagement and communication strategy or your benefits won’t be effective.

HealthPERX Playbook

Our proprietary Playbook is based in a strategy of using a wealth of consumer behavior information and marketing communications tactics to increase the utilization of each firmsbenefit package. They include:

  • Partnering with our clients to achieve mutual goals.
  • Making it as easy for them by handling almost all of the administration.
  • Applying lessons learned so they don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Equipping organizations and their employees for success, by providing marketing materials, interactive tools, client, and member portals, and guidance.
  • Helping by delivering consistent and captivating communications.
  • Devoting time, energy and commitment.

Bottom Line: Our clients are seeing 800%-1,000% greater utilization than the rest of the industry.

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