Over the past year, almost everything in our lives has moved to some sort of online platform. We now order our groceries, order takeout from the restaurant down the street and even attend our doctor’s appointments online. If you’re wondering how virtual therapy appointments work and what to expect, we’re here to guide you through the process and point out some benefits along the way.


Flexibility and Scheduling 

Traditional therapy appointments have generally been during normal business hours. Telehealth and virtual therapy appointments allow providers more flexibility in scheduling if other hours best fit their schedules. Additionally, not driving to and from the office has allowed providers more time in their day to service patients. Check with your provider to see if their appointment times and availability have changed recently.

Location is Important

Just like with an in-person appointment, you want to find a quiet place with no distractions. Consider using headphones with a microphone so that your session can remain private between you and your provider. Another good idea is to place a speaker with light music or white noise outside the room you’re in so that other family members or people in the home cannot hear what’s being said.

Bring Your Notes

In order to get the most of your therapy appointments, you’ll want to take good notes and set some goals with your therapist. Come to the appointment with a few items you’d like to address to give your therapist a starting point. He or she will give you advice or tactics to use in the future. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep that notepad with you throughout the week to jot down items that you think of that you’d like to discuss later. You might even want to make this list in a document on your computer, since you will be bringing that with you to your appointment. 

It May Take Some Time to Adjust 

We get it- at first it can take some getting used to! Whether it’s your first time attending a therapy session or you’ve been attending for years, seeing a therapist on a screen is something to get used to. One suggestion is to block out the portion of your screen where your photo appears with a sticky note. This way, you can focus on your therapist.

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